Hey there! You are in the right place.  I am Jessica, a 20-year entrepreneur who struggled and still does struggle,  just like you.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, no shame in the ups or the downs, only getting a little better every day. 


I have been through and survived a full-blown eating disorder, was a child of an alcoholic, numbed with addictive behavior,  had low self-esteem, lack of confidence, mom guilt and shame (I have two amazing kids 15 and 12) been through a divorce, and much much more.  I get it, I feel you,  and I am here to help.


I have a BA in Dance and have owned my children’s dance studios for 20 years. Upon seeking my own coaching and healing, I discovered life coaching and energy healing.  After starting my own work and witnessing my own transformation, I was called to help others do the same. I am now a certified Professional Life Coach and a Reiki Master. I am passionate about my work and know that I am an intuitive healer.


Through this work, I find myself so encouraged and enlightened by my clients.  Watching them take charge of their life, because taking 100% responsibility for themselves is key, and reaching their individual goals is some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was meant to do this work, and I am honored you have found me.


I am a spiritual being and use a holistic and energetic approach to identifying traumas, healing, and reconditioning thought patterns and sabotaging behavior. No judgment, no expectations, just solid support and accountability for what you want in your life. I am invested in you and your dreams. 


Let’s change your story, together.  


“Push off from here.” ~Laura McKowen


Wherever you are, as far down the hole you think you are, there is light. I promise.  I was you, and I absolutely cherish my wonderful time in this universe.  Just push off from where you are, right now. We are all a work in progress. I want to help you start your journey.

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