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Take 100% Responsibility for YOUR Life

Taking 100% Responsibility for your life...What does that really mean? I work, I pay my bills, I raise my kids...what else do I need to do? Well my friends it is time to jump into reality of where most of you are.

Many of you may not like what I am going to say today, I did not like it when I first heard the concept. It hits hard and really makes you think about how much of your life has been made up of excuses and the “victim” mindset.

You see, many of us humans have been conditioned to believe somewhere along the way that we are entitled to a great life merely because we exist on this planet. We blame things outside of ourselves for the parts of our life we do not like and do not take responsibility for our own actions. Entitlement is what I call it and it is a complete BS concept!

The real problem that lies before us is ourselves. We spend countless time making excuses for behavior that is ultimately causing our outcomes. Examples may be gossiping, eating unhealthy, drinking, spending, blaming and so on. We tell ourselves we deserve all the things just because we exist and then ultimately the outcomes they provide are not what we truly want. We do not ask for what we want and work towards it, we merely expect it to fall in our lap, then we try and blame someone or something for the outcome that is a direct reflection of our responses and action or non-action. It is a vicious cycle.

Every outcome you are experiencing is a result of the actions you have taken. Even when we have been on our game, one slight thing can throw us off. A recent personal example from me: since this virus, I have used the hardships I have faced to eat and drink whatever I wanted, claiming that I am going through a rough time and deserve to indulge in these pleasurable items. The problem is these items have caused me a lack of motivation, weight gain, foggy head, and the complete opposite of what I need to make it through this period of my life. I had to really look hard at myself the last 2 months and now I know, that I (not the government, not the virus, not the schools, not my business, But ME) not only made this situation worse because I felt like shit, but it was actually causing more lack in my life by sitting around and complaining about the circumstances. I had looked to blame family members, the government, the schools whatever to take all the responsibility off of me.

The point of this blog is to let you know that you can take control, no matter how far you have gone by taking these steps. If you feel stuck, are in a place of lack, or just need to retune your brain for success stop these things NOW! They work every time in getting you to a place where you are not complacent, rather full force in the mindset of making things happen.

  1. STOP complaining

  2. STOP excuses (I am too tired, there is no time, I have children, I have no money, The economy, The virus...and on and on and on...ALL excuses)

  3. STOP these behaviors NOW: Gossiping, eating unhealthy, spending money you do not have, drinking too much, doing drugs, feeling sorry for yourself.

  4. STOP blaming other people (You have created everything that has happened by your response to the situations)

Embrace and take action on the following:

  1. Change your responses to situations

  2. Take care of your body

  3. Meditate or other spiritual connection

  4. Gratitude daily

  5. Be intentional in everything you do

  6. Move your body every day

  7. Create goals and move towards them daily

  8. Hold yourself accountable, or find someone who can

Listen, we are all a work in progress, and we are going to fuck up from time to time, and that is OK. I just told you how I did, the key is to just admit it and move on. Admitting your wrong is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of complete acceptance of the human experience.

The more you practice taking responsibility for yourself the easier and more conditioned your mind will become, just like any other muscle in your body, your mind has to be trained. Get the help you need and start living your life 100% independent form anyone but you NOW!

Much love,


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