Disappointment can show up in many ways. It is a true human experience to feel let down when things are not as they seemed or how you had intended them to turn out. The initial response can feel contracted, sad, and unbearable. To think: something you thought was one way is really not, especially when it is related to a person or how you see a person. In my experience allowing those feelings to flow through you is always best. Initial reactions are typically not how you want to show up and allowing the feelings to pass before you respond is definitely a tool to acquire.

I have been disappointed by people I love a lot in my life. If I am being honest for most of my life I have dealt with other people's addictions and mental anguish. I reflected that onto me starting at a very early age and have battled anxiety and depression a lot in my life. It is a continuous circle that is cast upon generation after generation in families UNLESS you decide to make a choice to stop the patterns.

The hardest disappointment is disappointment in oneself. It feels so bad, so lonely, so helpless and so unchangeable in the moment. Here is the truth though, it is a moment that passes and only the present moment continues or is, the moment that you feel this way does not. Make sense? We are living in the present so you can move past anything and do. It is how you decide to show up for yourself that makes the difference.

It is up to us to be compassionate for ourselves and mistakes and start making the change we seek. It is easy to stay stuck in old subconscious behaviors and beliefs. BUT to be clear making mistakes is part of the human experience. There is not a person out there who does not make mistakes. In addition, when we are angered by others we need to recognize this as well. It does not mean we have to put up with poor behavior, but it means we recognize that that person’s experience has not yet reached awakening and honesty with themselves. Most people are only doing what they have learned themselves.

Most of our reactions are conditioned and when we decide to do the work on us get the help we need and get rid of our victim mentality, we can really start to make lasting change.

If you have not already download my self care workbook. It will get you on the path of how to let go of your disappointments and start leaning in towards taking care of YOU!

We are all a work in progress. Take Care of yourself first! Get help if you need it.

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