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The past 4 months have been nothing short of a complete roller coaster. Who feels me? From dealing with my businesses, their closings, re-openings, SBA loans, unemployment for my employees, etc my head was spinning doing everything I could to save them, to homeschooling my children and doing it all single might I ad with not much family support, I can honestly say I broke. I completely, yes me strong independent confident me who has done all the work broke down like a baby and just surrendered. I liken it to the Elizabeth Gilbert moment in Eat Pray Love, if you have never read that book, DO. I had to really take a break and let myself just cry, get angry, and feel all the feels.

Who would have ever thought a tiny virus, one I IGNORED completely mind you at the beginning of March could cause so much change? I worked my ass off for 18 years, did everything right, was on my way to financial liberation forever, and BOOM. Overnight my life changed. I know you can relate.

I am writing this blog t0day to say one, we are human and we are entitled to feel all the things that come our way. Nobody is perfect and nobody is free from feeling the angst of this pandemic. We are all just doing the very best we can to navigate this completely new territory for ourselves and our families. There are lots of opinions...LOTS, but I have learned to keep my focus and my needs and my personal values. I do not judge, I accept what others are going through and that is all I can do. Change is inevitable that is certain and all we can do is hold on to our values and our integrity through it all, support one another and keep moving forward.

Acceptance is one of the ideas I work on regularly. When I or a client is feeling uneasy about the change I remind myself and them that life is happening for YOU, not to YOU. I hear you, why is everything so bad? Why am I getting a shit storm life (even pre-pandemic) and the answer is because we are human and that is part of the human experience. We make ourselves crazy thinking the what-ifs and getting angry, living in a victim mindset (Hey it's me) and trying to "fix" everything, when if we just accepted what was happening and trusted (see my blog about Faith) we push through and most times to a better and brighter side.

Acceptance is the key to a better life. It is something I work hard at, and let me tell you the pandemic has pushed my limit, but when I really say OK I surrender to what is, I instantly feel better.

If you are struggling right now, here are some things you can do to help you when you are having a hard time accepting:

*Meditate I highly recommend this meditation by Sarah Blondin (really ALL of her stuff is amazing)

*Gratitude Write down at least 5 things every day you are grateful for

*Move your energy- Stuck stagnant energy in your body causes both physical and emotional pain. Exercise, get Reiki, get a massage, whatever you can do to move that energy out and clear your system

Remember sweet friend, you are not alone, you are entitled to FEEL everything you feel and give yourself time to do so. Then surrender to what is, accept, make peace, and be open and curious for what lies ahead. It could be something better than you ever imagined.

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