Authentic Coaching and Reiki - Approach & Process

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

Are you ready to commit to and show up for yourself?  

This work can be hard, emotional and raw, and I am here for it all supporting you the entire time. You are NOT alone my friend!


You deserve to feel the joy, passion, purpose, and love you were innately born with.  It all is all still within you no matter what has happened, but we must heal parts of us that have been conditioned to think and react otherwise. It is a process.


It's OK, I have been where you are and I understand the ups and down.  Through various modalities I help you stop start eradicating all the fear and step into the space of love. I got you and am honored to help you start your spiritual journey to awaken to the highest version of yourself. 

Want to chat more? Email me and we can set up a quick call! I got you!


Jessica provides energy healing, somatic body work and spiritual coaching. She is a Life Coach and a Usui Reiki Master. She reads the body intuitively and restores balance to blocked and stuck energy through touch, breath, and sound. 


Many of the energetic blocks in our bodies are actually causing disease, depression, and anxiety. Reiki is coaching from the body's perspective rather than from the monkey mind. You will leave with a full energy reading of your body, a balanced and tuned energetic system, and personalized suggestions on how to move forward with your healing process.  


We all have conditioning and beliefs standing in our way, Reiki can calm the nervous system and allow things to move so you can create more flow, connection, and joy in your life.

Ages 16 and Up

1 hour IN PERSON session $135

5 session IN PERSON package $600

VIRTUAL (45 minutes) $110


Ages 9 and up

45 minutes $110


Authentic Coaching and Reiki - Meditation


Perfect for Individual Manifestations

Teams and Work Productivity

Girls night out 

Bridal Parties


Let’s work one-on-one to help you learn the art of meditation, or, gather from your circle for a shared session. In my ample studio, or your place off choice, we can partner on this journey.

Discover self-compassion or self-acceptance, relaxation, and releasing. Enhanced attentiveness or calmed awareness. We will get you there by identifying what you need and desire through guided ques helping you to quiet your mind ground, surrender, flow, accept. 

Email Jessica to set up your Group Event.



Reveal your purpose. Discover your path. Share yourself.

Level Up Your Vibration Coaching 

Ages 16 and Up

1 hour IN PERSON session $135

5 session IN PERSON package $600

VIRTUAL (45 minutes) $110

You know there’s more to your life. More meaning. More impact. More beauty. You’ve found glimpses of it before – even had sustained encounters with it from time to time. But lately, you feel yourself pressing against headwinds or knocked down by gusts. 


Simply plowing ahead won’t likely provide the answer. Giving yourself the time and space for exploration, on the other hand, will. What is it you truly value… and truly oppose? What brings you real fulfillment and unbridled joy… and what feels wasteful or empty? 


Take that thoughtful pause, and let me mindfully guide – and gently push – without preconception. This isn’t a quick fix, and it will take some candor and willingness to recalibrate. But as you break down barriers and lean into only those beliefs that don’t limit you, a vivid path takes shape ahead.


The winds will shift and change, to be sure. But let’s get those breezes at your back.

Raising your vibration and looking at yourself is where it begins.  Take 100% responsibility for yourself, and feel supported along the way.  We have this and through my many modalities of healing, I can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel you have been living in. 

What to bring to our sessions:​

  • A journal to take notes during our session​

  • An open and curious mind

  • A willingness to look within

  • Compassion for yourself during this journey